David W. Tarrant

Executive Director for rebuilding the Coleman A. Young International Airport Education Association

January 17, 2018

Coleman A. Young International Airport (Detroit City Airport)

About the speaker

David Tarrant was born and raised in Kansas but has lived in Southeast Michigan continuously since 1980.  His primary career was with Ford Motor Company, largely in the truck business, which is his métier.  He also served stints at Navistar and led a start-up electric delivery truck enterprise.  He presently works as a consultant, serving two non-profit organizations.  His higher education is in History of Technology.

Dave’s personal interests include aviation history, boating, and flying:  he is a licensed private pilot and President of Eximious Flying Club.  Dave has a strong history of volunteerism, including Detroit Historical Society, Leadership of the Men’s Fellowship of the Detroit Presbytery, support of Spirit of Hope soup kitchen, and serving as a conversation partner at Freedom House.    In addition, he teaches a variety of history of technology subjects to retiree groups and similar audiences.  Among his other endeavors, Dave serves as Executive Director of the Coleman A. Young International Airport Education Association – a diverse group of volunteers advocating for rebuilding the Airport and its neighborhood on the east side of Detroit.

Tarrant is married to Kim King, with one son, who married with two children, and has two teenage step children.   He is a member of Jefferson Avenue Presbyterian Church and lives in Grosse Pointe.

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