Dr. Myra D. Ford Jenkins

Life long student

August 3, 2016

Virtual Team Leaders' Perception of Factors Contributing to Team Success

Myra has worked on virtual teams throughout her 30-year career and is here today to help define "Virtual Teams" 

About the speaker

Dr. Myra D. Ford Jenkins - considers herself to be a life-long student. As her parents enrolled her in Kindergarten and she has been enrolled in school ever since. Myra has a love for learning having attended/graduated from the following institutions; 

Aquinas High School, Southgate MI 

Central MI University - Undergraduate degree - BA, Organizational Development 

Central MI University - Masters degree - MSA, Business Administration 

Central MI University - Masters Certificate - Leadership 

Baker College - Doctorate of Business Administration - Leadership 

Having worked in the technology industry for the past 30-years; Myra has held positions such as Team Leader, National Account Manager, City Director and most recently works as the Program Manager in the office of the Chief of Staff for a $1B Technology Services Company - UST Global.

One of the most fulfilling roles has been to work UST Global and the Step IT Up America program as this program trains and employs those that are under-represented in the field of Information Technology (IT). Myra has personally been involved in the transformation of lives of minority women, and veterans as the Step IT Up America Program has provided sustainable careers for the graduates of the program (Tuition free, paid training).  

A recent graduate of Bakers College Doctoral Program - Myra studied leadership - having completed her doctoral dissertation in the area of virtual leadership.

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