Elizabeth "Liz" Smith Yeats

District Governor 2014-15

November 1, 2017

Toward a Polio-Free World

About the speaker

Liz Smith is a third generation Rotarian. Grandfather Allen was the Secretary of the Flint Michigan Rotary club for 37 years, Dad Bob Smith was President of Detroit Rotary in 1985-86 and a Rotarian from 1971 until his death in 1993. Liz and husband Jamie Yeats are each Paul Harris Fellows. Jamie is a member of the Detroit AM Rotary Club.

Liz has served the Rotary Club of Detroit since 1994 in various committee memberships and chairmanships, as a Director, and as President in 2006-2007. Having concluded her term as Governor in 2015, Liz presently serves as the Rotary Public Image Co-ordinator for Zones 28 & 29.

Liz and Jamie have traveled to Cuba with Rotarians to make person-to-person contact with Cubans as a cultural exchange. In February 2003 and again in 2004 they traveled to India to participate in Polio National Immunization Days. They traveled to Nicaragua to visit the “Children of the Dump” and the missions of Father Marco in 2004.

In January of 2005 Liz visited Peru and served as a non-medical volunteer on a Rotaplast mission. She has since traveled with Rotaplast five additional times, twice to Venezuela, and also to the Philippines, to India, and to Mali.

At home and on the road, she is the “woman behind the curtain” serving as Technical Director at District 6400 conferences, Zone 28 & 29 Institutes and the 2017 World Peace Conference, making sure that The Show runs smoothly.

“I believe in Rotary, and all that it stands for in the world.”

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