J. Bruce Hillenberg, PhD, ABPP

Chief of Pain Management Services, Beaumont Health

March 28, 2018

The Opioid Crisis and Initiatives to Address It

About the speaker

Chief of Pain Management Services, Beaumont Health

Assistant Professor, Oakland University William Beaumont Medical School

Dr. Hillenberg received his PhD in clinical psychology from West Virginia University with a specialization in health psychology in 1984. He completed his internship in clinical health psychology at the Mid-Missouri Psychology Internship Consortium at the University of Missouri-Columbia.  He is board-certified in clinical health psychology by the American Board of Professional Psychology.

Dr. Hillenberg has been practicing at Beaumont since 2001. He previously provided clinical psychology and behavioral medicine services, and had leadership responsibilities at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, Michigan and the Truman Memorial Veterans Hospital in Columbia, Missouri.

His research activities have included studies addressing stress management, relaxation training, and the treatment of chronic pain in primary care.

As Chief of Pain Management Services Dr. Hillenberg oversees system-wide initiatives focusing on improving pain education, enhancing the safety and effectiveness of pain treatment, and reorganizing care into interdisciplinary teams.

His leadership interests include developing models for value-based health care, workflow re-engineering in health care practice, interdisciplinary care, burnout prevention in the workforce, and continuous quality improvement.

Dr. Hillenberg is the President-Elect for the Midwest Pain Society, which is the regional affiliate of the American Pain Society. He also serves on the planning committee for the annual conference for the association.

Dr. Hillenberg has provided numerous presentations locally and nationally on a variety of topics in the area of pain psychology, health system models for valued-based pain care, and strategies to promote self-management of pain.

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