James E. Craig

Chief of Police, Detroit, MI

February 7, 2018

About the speaker

Chief of Police James E. Craig began his career in law enforcement with the Detroit Police Department in January 1977. Forced to relocate due to department layoffs, Chief Craig began working for the Los Angeles (California) Police Department (LAPD) in January 1981. After holding several high profile patrol and investigative positions, he ascended the ranks of the LAPD, achieving promotions to the rank of Captain Ill. During his tenure, Chief Craig was able to achieve tremendous reductions in crime through the implementation of innovative strategies and building strong community partnerships.

After a 28 year career with LAPD, Chief Craig was appointed to the position of Chief of Police for the Portland (Maine) Police Department on May 4, 2009. During his tenure as Chief of Police, Chief Craig commanded a department of 215 sworn and civilian employees. Chief Craig was credited with reducing violent crime by 10% by utilizing a comprehensive CompStat process which focused on command accountability and problem solving. Chief Craig was also able to enhance the department's community policing efforts through the development of Chiefs Community Advisory Board.

On August 4, 2011, Chief Craig was selected as the 13th Chief of Police for the Cincinnati (Ohio) Police Department and the first African-American and person outside of Cincinnati to hold this position. He was responsible for leading a department of 1,500 sworn and civilian personnel. Under Chief Craig's leadership, the morale of the rank and file was greatly improved, which equated to an increase in the officers' overall productivity and performance.

On July 1, 2013, Chief Craig was appointed as the 42nd Chief of Police for the Detroit Police Department (Michigan), bringing Chief Craig's law enforcement career full circle. Chief Craig is responsible for leading a department of 2,800 sworn and civilian personnel. Chief Craig's top priorities are to abate and reduce violent crime and to increase the morale of the rank and file. Since his inception in July 2013, Chief Craig has made significant changes and continuous improvements to the department's organizational structure and processes; redefined community partnership, and achieved reduction in crime.

Chief Craig has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from West Coast University and a Master of Management degree in Public Administration from University of Phoenix. He has also started coursework in a Doctoral program at the University of Phoenix. Chief Craig is also a graduate of the esteemed Federal Bureau of Investigation's National Academy.

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