Jim Fuqua

Rotary Club of Detroit Immediate Past President

May 23, 2018

About the speaker

Rotary Club of Detroit Immediate Past President Jim Fuqua has devoted most of his professional life to doing good in the community. Fuqua began his 37 year YMCA career in Houston, Texas in 1978, running a halfway house and finding employment for legal Vietnamese, Cambodian and Laotian refugees known at that time as the Boat People. A few years later he accepted a two year assignment with the YMCA in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, through a YMCA program similar to the Peace Corps. Upon his return, he continued working with political refugees for several years, before entering mainstream YMCA work, running a summer camp for disadvantaged children in Houston and subsequently running YMCA branches in Dayton, Ohio, and throughout Metropolitan Detroit. The last dozen years of his career were spent at the YMCA of Metropolitan Detroit corporate offices, where he served as a Vice President in the fundraising and development department. This work helped ensure that disadvantaged children throughout southeast Michigan had opportunities to participate in YMCA positive youth development programs.  Fuqua retired from the YMCA in December, 2014.

Fuqua has been a Rotarian for more than 20 years, belonging to clubs in Dayton,  Royal Oak and Rochester Hills prior to joining the Rotary Club of Detroit in May of 2003. He ran the Detroit Rotary Club's Golden Oldies program for 13 years, and is an active participant in the Detroit Rotary Club's Native Garden on Belle Isle. Since attending a Sun and Water Conference in Suchitoto, El Salvador last autumn, he has became a champion for clean, accessible affordable water for subsistence farming communities in Central America.

A gardener, fitness enthusiast and amateur musician, Jim spends much of his time in the company of his best friend and partner, John Ryan.

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