Oneita Jackson

Former Free Press Columnist and Writer

October 19, 2016

A Windshield Tour of Detroit

About the speaker

Oneita Jackson is a satirist who has an English degree from Howard University.  She was a copy editor for 11 years at the Detroit Free Press.  During that time, she served as public editor, wrote music reviews, edited on the Features, Nation/World, and Web desks, and received awards for her headlines.  She was a member of the Accuracy and Credibility Committee and the Editorial Endorsement Board for the 2008 City of Detroit mayoral and City Council elections.   She also wrote the “O Street” column for three years; it received the newspaper’s 2008 Columnist of the Year award.  She stopped writing the column in May 2010 and returned to the News Copy Desk, where she stayed until August 2012.  Her next adventure was driving a yellow cab and conducting tours of Detroit. 

Her first book is a nonfiction collection of satires called "Nappy-Headed Negro Syndrome," her observations and commentary on life in Detroit.  These stories about people, culture, and identity are written by a woman who is uniquely, unabashedly, and extraordinarily herself. 

A native of Dayton, Ohio, Oneita spent her summers in New York City and has lived in Washington, D.C., and Albany, N.Y.  She now lives in Detroit.

Picture by Cybelle Codish.

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