Padmaja Rao

Associate Director of Student Services at Wayne State University

March 15, 2017

The Philosophical Roots of Yoga

About the speaker

Padmaja Rao, a Student Services administrator in Higher Education, holds a Master’s degree in Community Agency Counseling as well as post-graduate certifications in Global Career Development Facilitation and Peace and Conflict Studies. As an American raised in a Hindu household, Padmaja recognized the need for – and became passionate about - educating others about tenets of her religion when she began to take note of how often Hinduism (in particular Yoga) is misrepresented or, in many cases, not acknowledged at all even though terms (that have Vedic religious roots) have been introduced in countless newspaper articles, health publications, television shows, radio, and even classrooms. As a result, Padmaja started to dedicate time towards educating the community-at-large about Hinduism with particular emphasis on its connection to the philosophy of Yoga in order to spread awareness. She has also been part of interfaith collaborative efforts throughout metro Detroit to help build bridges and promote greater understanding of the diversity around us. Padmaja’s other interests include singing (Broadway, Classical Indian) and acting.

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