Seed Saturday

Seed Exchange And Conference

March 12, 2016

Featuring Maurice Cox - Detroit Planning Director

If you love plants native to Michigan, perennial plants, organic gardening, urban gardening, or want to learn more about them and things that affect them, this event is for you.  You’ll meet others who have the same interests and enjoy presentations from experts on a range of topics related to these activities.  You’ll meet representatives of civic, academic and independent organizations who can assist you.  You’ll see displays from vendors who have products, services or information that may be valuable to you.

You will receive free seeds, brought by several sources, but please consider bringing some of your favorites to exchange with other attendees.  There will also be prizes, including dinner at Wolfgang Puck and a room for two at the MGM Grand Hotel.

About the speaker

The keynote presentation is by Detroit’s new Planning Director Maurice Cox.  Mr. Cox will speak about land use in the City of Detroit, the promotion of green space, support of neighborhoods, and his experience that brings him to Detroit.  In addition, you can select from 15 breakout presentations that will occur during the day.

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